Antineoplaston Therapy: Method of Treatment

Adverse reactions are quite unlikely and it is effective against many types of cancer


At the Burzynski Clinic, numerous clinical trials on ANPs have been carried out in patients with brain tumors, with all of these trials having been registered with the FDA (USA) and their results having been reported.
The clinical trials involved children and adults with various types of brain tumor. Over the past decade, more than 2000 patients have been enrolled into clinical trials on ANPs, yielding a significant outcome.
Official reports on the course of clinical trials have been periodically made public by Dr. Burzynski and his staff members at medical symposia and medical society meetings.
At the Burzynski Clinic, ANP therapy is provided in the form of a clinical trial for brain tumors at the initiative of the FDA. This method of treatment is originally expected to exert efficacy against many types of cancer, regardless of the site. At our clinic, ANP therapy has been clinically introduced as a treatment method effective against many types of cancer.
With ANP therapy, drip infusion is applied every day, as a rule. Adverse reactions such as malaise and eruption may appear occasionally, but severe adverse reactions are rare.
The dosing period varies among individual patients. After treatment for a certain period, whether or not to continue the therapy is decided on the basis of presence/absence of response.

*Please bear in mind that ANP therapy at our clinic is not always delivered in exactly the same way as ANP therapy at the Burzynski Clinic in terms of dose level, dosing period, timing of dosing, dosing method and so on.

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